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Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant is an attorney in Northwest Arkansas focused on serving churches, non-profits, small businesses, and families.

Josh Bryant's Bio:

Josh Bryant is an attorney in Northwest Arkansas. Although you can learn more about him at, here are some basics. He is currently the Managing Attorney of The Bryant Firms, a legal services conglomerate with holdings in Church General Counsel, General Counsel Attorney, and NWA Wealth. Church General Counsel is a law firm dedicated to providing in-house legal assistance to churches throughout the United States. He has been featured on Thom Rainer's podcast, Rainer on Leadership." Learn more at Before this, Josh Bryant was the Pastor of Adult Discipleship at First Baptist Church in Rogers, Arkansas. He was responsible for the spiritual development of nearly 1,500 people in more than 50 LIFE Groups, dozens of smaller Growth Groups, Men's Ministry, Ladies of First Ministry, and Midweek Bible Studies. His focus was on developing leaders to motivate and mobilize their groups to share the gospel, and launch new groups to reach more people. He also served as de facto General Counsel for the church, bringing his legal experience to bear in order to put the church in the most legally defensible position possible through robust operational policies, legal opinions, risk avoidance tactics, and more.

Josh Bryant is taking new clients. Whether those clients are personal clients who need estate plans that he offers at, business clients, or church clients, Josh is changing the way legal services are delivered. He wants to be a person's personal attorney, a business's general counsel, and a church's trusted advisor. Most would think this could cost a fortune to keep an attorney on retainer. Josh Bryant proves the opposite, as for as little as $1,000 per year, anyone can have their own attorney on retainer. 

Josh Bryant is a lifelong learner and strongly believes that the job of an advisor is the job of an educator at heart. Whether he is advising a client or counseling a church member, he tries to teach, coach, and mentor. Call him with any need you think he might be able to meet!

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Josh Bryant's Interests & Activities:

Josh Bryant has a wide variety of interests, including history, biography, culture and history of the Marshall Islands, pastoral theology and practice, the law as it applies to churches, closely held religious business organizations, finance, economics, music, philanthropy, philosophy, and boating. He is an aspiring polymath, with pursuits in each of the above areas.

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